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#LeaderTweets: Primrose Mrwebi on Standing Up Against Abuse

Written by: Dianne Mc AlpineSithandwa Ngwetsheni

This morning LeadSA handed over its Twitter account to Primrose Mrwebi; writer, poet, teacher, magazine journalist, creative director, producer and board member of Rape Crisis Cape Town.

Mrwebi opened #LeaderTweets with the advice: "Have the courage to leave a bad relationship #LeaderTweets" - sparking a robust conversation around abuse and how to call out an abuser.

As the world observes #16Days of Activism Against Women and Children, these conversations are an important step in challenging abusive behaviour and to allow spaces to open up where survivors can come forward.

Today, the Vimba Helpline, a cell phone app that will make it easier for abused women and children in Diepsloot to access help, was launched.

More than half of men in Diepsloot have abused a woman sexually or physically, according to the baseline results of the Sonke Change Trial, which was conducted in Diepsloot this year.

Tools like these are a step in the right direction, much like these conversations.

Find out more about Rape Crisis Trust Cape Town http://rapecrisis.org.za/about-us/ and check out tweets below:

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