MRS ASHRA NORTON is the Lead SA hero for the month of January, and is considered a superwoman in the gangster-ridden community of Manenberg, Cape Town.

Norton, a resident of Manenburg decided to open a free independent educational institution for underprivileged leaners that from grade 8-12 – The Leadership College. The school currenlt has 220 learners.

She provided the light, in a community where very few feel there is hope.

At the institution learners receive everything free- a school uniform, stationery, school bag, tracksuits and a meal every single day.

The learners are also joined to the scouts association and they don’t need to pay for anything.

The school is funded in part by state subsidy (which contributes to 40% of its needs) and the rest by donations and contributions from private businesses and individualsThere is no big sponsors yet only small businesses and family members, but most of the time she uses her own money to cover the financial difficulties of the school.

Norton, who doesn't have much herself, continues to try and better her community. The passion she has when talking about the learnesr, the importance of a quality education and the community’s pride of the school is an inspiration.

Ashra Norton is the Western Cape Lead SA Hero for January!