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Primary school pupil sets example by giving money, time

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via IOL.co.za

By Kutlwano Olifant

All that Milani Notshe wanted for her 13th birthday from family and friends was money instead of presents.

On her birthday invitation she requested people not to bring presents as it would not really put a smile on her face.

But the money was not for herself. Milani surprised her family and schoolmates from Crawford College in Sandton by using the money to help others.

Recently Milani, her parents, Nandi and Viwe, and two of her schoolmates, Tea Bell and Niyam Harribhai, fulfilled her birthday wish by dropping off R10 000 worth of goods at the Impilo child protection and adoption services in Glenhazel, north-east of Joburg.

“I realised how privileged I was to have everything I needed from my parents. Some people don’t have what we have in our home,” she said, adding that she wished others could do the same.

To read the full story, here: http://bit.ly/TbnGhV

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