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Transformation Audit 2013: Confronting Exclusion

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“South Africa has one past, but many futures. Which one will be realised, depends on the decisions made today.”
- Dr Iraj Abedian in the IJR’s 2013 Transformation Audit


South Africa has a multiplicity of immediate developmental deficits which require urgent resource allocation to strengthen social cohesion and promote political stability.

At the same time, it needs to invest some of its existing resources into the creation of a prosperous future for coming generations.

On 20 February 2014, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation hosted a briefing by leading economist and CEO of Pan African Investment and Research Services, Dr Iraj Abedian, on the topic of inter-generational justice in anticipation of the 2014 Budget Speech.


Dr Abedian is one of the lead authors of IJR’s latest Transformation Audit publication, titled Confronting Exclusion, which was also launched at this event.

The Transformation Audit, which comments on governance and democracy in South Africa, is presented annually by the IJR and valued locally and internationally as an important indicator of the “state of the nation.”

The briefing reflected on the economic gains of the past two decades, but also on the competing priorities of current expenditure and future investment, relating to the country’s physical and institutional infrastructure.

In addition to the material investments required for a sustainable future, Dr Abedian highlighted the necessity of a sound and ethical institutional framework that must guide South Africa’s transformation to a more inclusive society.

To find out more about the Transformation Audit, visit transformationaudit.org.

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