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Where to start with your “giving”

Written by: LeadSA

There may be many reasons why someone would choose to give some of their hard-earned wealth away, but there needs to be a clear idea and strategy in deciding how to pursue these intentions and with whom to partner.

If there is no clear conviction for an individual to give, it will be hard to maintain a long-term system of giving, and it is extremely difficult to make wise decisions when there is no clear goal or a desired outcome of the giving.

This can lead to money being ‘wasted’, or not making a sustainable or enduring impact.

The opportunities for making a difference are limitless. Faced with such a wide range of possibilities, it is important to ask and determine the following considerations for oneself.

Here are a few key pointers to think through:

> Understand the motivation behind your ‘giving’.

>Establish a vision - forming your vision is the most crucial step in making a difference, because it will lay the foundation for all further activities.

> Determine and define your focus

i.Who will you support: children and youth, rural areas?

ii. What issues will you focus on: health, education, social justice?

>Where will you make the difference?

> Who will you partner with?

i. Identify the right partners and beneficiaries that share your vision and objectives

The narrower your focus is, the easier it will be for you to define a mission. Being specific about what you will focus on, where you will act, and whom you will help has two benefits.

First, it increases your chances of success by concentrating your efforts on something that is achievable. Second, it makes it easier to determine the activities needed to get there, as well as how to measure progress.

Written by Keri Paschal, Executive Director at Nation Builder, a platform that equips business leaders with learning tools, free resources and a community that helps them achieve the greatest possible positive impact in our country through effective social investment. www.proudnationbuilder.co.za

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