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Nation Building “Top Tips”

Written by: Sithandwa Ngwetsheni

Many business leaders are passionate about South Africa and want to use their businesses to start building a more prosperous and healthy future for our country and its people.

Many companies do this through Corporate Social Investment (CSI). According to the results of our online benchmarking tool, the main reason that companies engage in CSI is not because of compliance or regulations, but because of a passion of the founder or CEO to use the business as a so-called “force for good”.

The nature of social upliftment work means that different approaches may work best in different circumstances, and each company and CSI strategy is likely to differ one from the other!

But, if you are serious about having a positive impact on the future of our country (and your business), then social investment should be done strategically and thoughtfully, not haphazardly at the last minute. Using your business as a force for good is not only good for society, but can be very good for your brand and business!

The best way to ensure that your CSI strategy is well thought-out and strategic is to include it as a core business strategy. For this to happen, social investments that bring social returns should be taken as seriously as financial investments that bring financial and other business returns.

Whether you have a dedicated CSI practitioner or team, or whether it forms just a part of someone’s portfolio – make sure that you plan your CSI and document your strategy (including your purpose, implementation, and the monitoring and evaluation of projects).

This will give you a solid start to ensuring that your investment in society will be as useful as possible – to society and to your business.

Check out this self-evaluation tool if you’d like to see how your business is doing on the CSI front: http://www.proudnationbuilder.co.za/assessment

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