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1457 days ago
Tips for HIV positive/negative people.

Messages for HIV Negative People

  • If you are negative, make sure you stay negative. .
  • An HIV negative test may mean that you are in the window period of infection, and this period may last for 3 weeks. It is important that you go for a test every three months to be sure of your status.

 Messages for HIV Positive People

  • An HIV-positive result does not mean that you will immediately need to go onto ARVs. You should have a CD4 cell count test to determine the strength of your immune system and the health worker will help you decide when you need to go onto ART.
  • The test provides you with information to seek out the various health options and services available for people living with HIV, eg. CD4 and viral load tests, as well as ART when they become necessary.
  • If you test positive for HIV, you will not be alone. There are people and groups to support you about how you can live positively with HIV.
  • No one should ever force you to share information about your HIV results. Disclosing your status is a personal decision.
  • Ask to be tested for TB if you are HIV positive. 

These messages are from the South African National Aids Council.

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