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1457 days ago
How to prevent HIV.


  • If you use condoms correctly and consistently with all sexual partners, for every round of sex, you can protect yourself from HIV.
  • Young people should delay sex until they are old enough and ready to make responsible decisions around their sexual behaviour.  This includes using condoms correctly and every time, with their partners not only to prevent HIV but also unwanted pregnancies.
  • The more sexual partners you have the higher your chance of being infected with HIV unless you ensure you always have safe sex.
  • Every time you start a new sexual relationship you should both go for an HIV test.
  • Having sex when you have been drinking or using drugs increases your chances of getting infected with HIV.
  • Having sex in exchange for money or other material things increases your chances of getting infected with HIV because it makes it harder to negotiate to use a condom.

 These HIV Prevention messages are from the South African National AIDS Council.

To read the full booklet, click here: 2011 World AIDS Day Reference Booklet and Guiding messages.

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