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1463 days ago
Need to know: HIV Testing.

  • HIV testing is free at all public health facilities.
  • Everyone should test for HIV to know his or her status and to be screened for TB at the same time. Everyone who has TB should also test for HIV.
  • The only way to know your status is to test for HIV.  You cannot tell your HIV status by knowing your partners status. 
  • Every time you start a new sexual relationship, you should both be sure of your HIV status.
  • If you test positive, you should have a CD4 cell count test to determine the strength of your immune system and to the health worker will help you decide when you need to go onto ART.
  • If you test negative you can   protect yourself and your sexual partner from HIV by continuing to use a condom and having sex with only your partner.
  • When deciding to get pregnant, both partners should get tested for HIV
  • Every pregnant woman and her partner should visit a clinic as soon as she realizes she is pregnant and should get tested for HIV in order to make informed decisions to protect the health of the baby.
  • Men should test for HIV so that they can make appropriate decisions to protect their health and that of their families.

 These messages were provided by the South African National AIDS Council.

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