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1112 days ago
Disabled People of South Africa Host Successful NGA.

Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) successfully hosted its 13th National General Assembly (NGA) from the 26th – 28th October 2012.

DPSA held its NGA for purposes of dealing with organisational issues including election of a new leadership. The NGA was made up of 284 branches of the organisation in good standing. The delegation spread from across the nine (9) provinces. Our geographic and disability spread allows us to appreciate and advance a variety of disability related issues.

The NGA engaged in amongst others, areas of Constitutional Amendments, Advocacy, Awareness and Public Education, Economic Empowerment & Sustainable Employment, Knowledge Management and Research, Education, Skills development and Scholarship, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Membership Development and Networking. The NGA believes that these areas will help address the three key areas facing the disability sector i.e. access, employment and equality.

The resolutions of the NGA included;

1. Disabled People South Africa must lead the protection and enjoyment of disability rights.

2. DPSA must accost all individuals and institutions that violate our rights; including the State.

3. Particularly with regards to the safety and security of our members; DPSA must develop a programme to work with the Department of Justice, Ministry of the South African Police Services and that of Women, Children and Persons with Disabilities for purposes of protecting our member’s rights.

4. The organisation must implement campaigns targeted at the taxi and broad transport sector.

5. To approach all the institutions mandated to financially empower our people including the Land Bank, Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC) and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA); with a structured plan to influence their discourse towards disabled people.

6. An investment wing of DPSA be established. This investment wing will have DPSA as its primary and sole beneficiary.

7. Education and training of disabled people should be the pinnacle point of our work. We must therefore rally all of efforts and collective wisdom towards the full equalisation of our education and training system.

8. Organise a coordinated campaign and march to the Union Buildings in order to highlight our plight from the highest echelons of government. This march will specifically address issues of our unemployment, economic development and education and training.

9. We fully lobby for the establishment of a Disability Empowerment Agency.

10. We must identify our members who should be trained so that we are the first point of reference when it comes to the prevalence of disability in South Africa.

11. DPSA identifies and partner with different research institutions with the view of influencing the research from the onset.

12. DPSA partners with SADDT, ECDEET and many others working on skills development.

13. DPSA launches an Education and Training Mass Participation Programme. The programme aims at encouraging all disabled people to register for a qualification.

14. An ICT task team must be established with a mandate of working with ICT companies for the development of unique products that should also benefit the organisation financially.

15. A capacity building programme be developed and rolled out almost immediately.

16. Organisational capacity including our research capacity be improved.

A new leadership was also elected. The new office bearers are:-






National Chairperson

Robert Masambo



Secretary General Andrew Madella


Deputy Secretary General Thandiwe Mfulo


National Treasurer Sememeru Masemola


Deputy Chairperson Development Herman Tsebe


Deputy Chairperson Human Rights Looks Matoto


Deputy Chairperson Women Poppy Mocumi


Deputy Chairperson Youth Wonderboy Qaji


Deputy Chairperson Children Mbusi Nzimande



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